Thursday, November 30, 2006

Karl does Canderel - Sinning Through Aestheticism

Karl Lagerfeld lends his sleight weight to Canderel. Begs the aesthetic question of whether it is in good taste to take your portable 'edulcorant' with you to the club.

The promo-website opens with the Post-Wildean nostalgia: ‘The greatest sin is to not give in to pleasure”. And forthwith, Karl proposes slimline sweetener dispensers decorated with one of five ‘peches mignons’ (“cute sins”). The intellectual framework of the campaign is as rickety as a supermodel in Westwood heels, threatening to dissolve sickly on the tongue like the ersatz sugar it is. How cutely subversive to distract your appalled taste buds by the visual “feast” of Karl’s lurid 80s’designs.

How much hedonistic pleasure can fit in a 0.1 calorie tablet? Is this not rather Indulgence in absolutely nothing – a form of hedonistic nihilism?

Maximal Minimalism.

Les 5 Péchés Mignons de Canderel, here. - (Thanks to Clodagh for the words) At least his H&M collection was better than Victor and Rolf's...


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